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It’s quick and easy to register your CV with Humres and will open doors to an extensive network of contacts and opportunities for technical and sales personnel within a range of markets, such as logistics, sales, construction and facilities management.

How to register: simply fill in your name, email and telephone number on the form below and then upload the most up to date copy of your CV.  Once we have received your CV, we will add it to our database and alert you as soon as a suitable role comes in.

What happens when a job comes up: you will be contacted by one of our Humres recruiters who will fill you in on the role that has arisen, as well as providing you with details of the potential employer.  Once you are happy to proceed, you will be interviewed internally by Humres and then we will put your CV forward.

After this, we will arrange a mutually convenient time for an interview between you and the potential employer.  If you win the role, Humres consultants will be there to help you make the smooth transition to your new job.

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