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Why Great Sales People Are Always In Demand

Sales is one of the most enduring and versatile occupations on the planet, with a career in sales bringing you endless job options, above-average compensation, and a whole raft of transferrable skills. Sounds impressive, but exactly why are great salespeople always in demand, even in the internet age? And what makes these salespeople ‘great’ at what they do?


Why Salespeople are Always in Demand (and why it’s a strong career choice)

1. There will always be jobs in sales. While internet sales have removed the middleman in some simple purchasing behaviour, in truth the internet has created such a confusion of products and competing information that it presents the perfect opportunity for a savvy salesperson to approach and seal the deal. This is definitely the case in construction, where new machinery, materials, and software generally need an expert to properly explain and sell them.


2. Businesses prefer to buy from real people. A study of B2B purchasing by Harvard Business Review shows that companies make most of their purchases through a salesperson, who can guide the buyer through the product and tailor it to their individual business needs.

3. There’s a huge (and growing) choice of jobs. The sales departments make up between 30% —50% of most businesses, with further growth in sales hiring strongly predicted.


4. There’s job security in sales. Even in downturns, companies become even more desperate to sell their products or service, meaning that good salespeople have job security that most other industries would envy.


5. You can move onto other opportunities with the sales skills you learn. For instance, you may start in sales for the construction industry, but you can take the skills you’ve learnt to other sales jobs, or to other occupations entirely.

The skills you develop as a salesperson, such as an ability to read people, to offer tailored solutions, and the powers of persuasion, are incredibly valuable in any job (and in your personal life as well.)

6. Salespeople earn more on average than other roles in the same company. In an American study, salespeople were shown to enjoy an average 6.2% increase in salary, outperforming other all other roles. B2B sales tend to perform particularly strongly, which is great news for many salespeople in construction.




So what makes them ‘great’?

Great salespeople….

1. ….are in the right sales role for them to succeed.

The old maxim that ‘a great salesperson can sell anything’ simply doesn’t hold in this day and age when there’s so many types of sales—from cold calling to a stand  at industry shows, from webinars to pitching face to face. A great salesperson only becomes great when they’re in the right type of sales for them, and have received the right type of training.


2. …never stops learning.

A great salesperson studies the tactics of great salespeople in books, at seminars, and on the internet. Every time they go anywhere and buy anything, they’re on the lookout for what makes other salespeople tick- whether it’s a cold call from an electricity provider, or a waitress trying to up-sell the dessert wine. They constantly think of ways to adapt their pitch, rather than sticking with the same old rehearsed patter.


3. …believes in what they’re selling. There is no replacement for authenticity when it comes to sealing deals. Great salespeople are so persuasive because they know the product inside out and speak about it with passion and authority.


4. …tailors the product to the customer. A great salesperson understands that in order to be truly persuasive, they need to show that the product fills a particular business need for the client. This requires the salesperson to ask good questions, and talk less than they listen!

So, are you a great salesperson, or do you think you can be? If this sounds like you and you want to embark on or further your sales career in construction, please get in touch with the team at Humres, as our clients would love to meet you and discuss your exciting future.


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