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An Easy Way to Attract Great Candidates For Your Construction Company

We’re all knee-deep in a skills shortage now, and it’s likely to get worse. In a sharp turnaround from the dark days of the financial crisis, candidates can now pick and choose between a wide array of employment opportunities. So how can you attract the best candidates and make a good impression on them?

When a candidate hears about a role in your company, they invariably scour the website for some clues about what it might be like to work for you. The easiest way to do that in a way that builds trust are relevant case studies.



Case studies are a hugely powerful tool in getting people ‘sold’ on your organisation, and the popularity of this tool is currently enjoying a meteoric rise across the UK. However, because the message of case studies is normally so focussed on winning over potential clients, they’re actually a rather underutilised tool in getting candidates to believe that a company is good fit for them to work for.

You can change that, with some well-chosen case studies about the human side of the business designed to attract candidates.


First things first. What’s a case study?

It can be a story, it can be a list, or it can be an infographic, podcast, video or even an interview. The point is- whatever form it takes, a case study tells a story about your company’s successes in an engaging and powerful way.

This is what’s called ‘social proof’- where a visitor can visit the site and, from the examples you’ve given, be reassured that the company knows what it’s doing and is a good option for them.

For a potential client, the approach is often something along the lines of:

‘One of our clients had X problem, so we provided this solution, in this way’.

For a candidate, we need to look at it a bit differently.



To begin with, the case studies for clients are certainly interesting for them in that they can see how the company has operated on past projects.

But that’s not enough.

If you were a candidate, what would sway you to accept a role? Would it be an interview with a current employee who’s just completed an exciting project? Or perhaps a video showing a team out doing a fun charity event on behalf of the company? Would it be a flow chart infographic showing how much the company has grown over the last 5 years, and how much promotion has occurred within the ranks? Or perhaps a story about how you’ve implemented training and mentoring opportunities for all hires?



Quotes also act as social proof and are a minor example of case studies, so put some good testimonials on your website to prove to candidates that both clients and staff are satisfied with the company. Also, remember to put case studies on your ‘work for us’ pages so they get in front of the right people.

Candidates invariably make some of their job seeking decisions based on company culture and reputation. Case studies are a great way to allow those candidates to feel an affinity with your company through showcasing your achievements and company culture in a refreshingly attractive way.


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