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8 (Easy Ways) To Close More Sales Deals In The Next 90 Days

In the construction industry the pace tends to really slow down over Christmas as winter starts to bite and major building projects close down for the holidays. But with over 7 weeks to go until Santa slides down that partly-constructed chimney, there’s still plenty of time to close some impressive sales deals before the year draws to a close.

In fact, by following some of these strategies you can end 2016 on an extraordinary high, and also take home some great year-round sales tips to start 2017 with a bang.


What you can do to improve your sales numbers

1. Plan for Christmas That’s definitely not to say that it’s time to sit back and coast until 2017, but rather that you need to plan your schedule and sales calls accordingly. Selling time is shorter so planning needs to be better.


Remember when planning your sales call strategy that most companies will have their Christmas parties on Fridays, so calling the office at 3:00pm on a Friday is likely to mean you potential ‘prospects’ head might not fully be in the game; which is a waste of your precious time isn’t it? Especially if you must call back again to explain your offer.
2. Be on the phone to leads as much as possible. Referring to the planning ideas we have mentioned, make as many calls as possible in the free windows, as there are opportunities ripe for the picking at this time of the year-for four major reasons:

  1. Many companies need to make end-of-year decisions.
  2. Some have money in the budget left over that they need to spend.
  3. Many of your sales competitors have already started to coast until Christmas.
  4. You’ll leave a professional impression by working right up until Christmas Eve.

3. Schedule as many meetings as possible in November. The reality is that getting appointments is more challenging as December swings around (think folks having time off to use up holidays or attend little Jonnies nativity play!), so schedule your appointments for November and then do a maximum amount of follow-up calls in December. Use the urgency of the impending break as a way of getting them to make a decision before the industry shuts down for the break.





4. Check in with every single client and thank them for their business. This is the perfect opportunity to ask if they’re satisfied with your service and what else you can help them with next year. This is also the perfect time to ask if they’d be willing to give you a referral. If they do, then don’t waste any time chasing new leads.


Evergreen Sales Tips to Take With You Throughout the Year

Certain sales tips remain true year-round, and can be even more relevant in the lead-up to Christmas if you’re hoping to boost your numbers.

5. Use the ‘call first, email follow up’ method. According to Salesforce, it’s proven to be the most effective sales strategy!

6. Strike fast with leads. You’re seven times more likely to close a deal if you respond within the hour, so don’t put that call off until after lunch—the Pret a Manger sandwich can wait. (And if you nab the big client you can celebrate a late lunch at a restaurant instead.)

7. Don’t forget to follow up, many times. Nearly half of salespeople give up after the first brush-off, but it takes an average of five follow up calls to convert a sale, and 8 cold calls to reach a prospect. Don’t give up until all hope is lost.




8. Make it about what the customer needs, not what you’re offering. Clients don’t actually care about your service except in that what it offers to solve their problem. Find out what their problem is, and tailor your solution to them.

There are many sales opportunities ripe for the picking in the construction industry in the lead-up to Christmas and beyond.


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