The right people are your greatest asset...

3 (Secret) Strategies That Will Develop Your Top Sales People

There is a famous saying that points to achieving results for all of our sales people.

It start with the end in mind.

No doubt you have a business plan, a vision and a goal for what you want your organisation to achieve in the next year, 3 years etc.

You also have an idea of some of the strategies and skills that will get you there; in other words what needs to happen to produce the results you want.

A question, have you put the same amount of focus and planning into your sales team?

Do they have an appropriate induction plan, leading then to a training plan and mapped out career path?

I suspect you do, though it can always be improved on based on what is currently working as you grow and develop your sales team.




Here are a number of ideas to accelerate your sales team along this path.


Create and encourage a learning culture

I recently read an article on Forbes website about the habits of billionaire entrepreneurs. One area stood out and that was the commitment to constant learning.

Encourage this in your organisation. One client has a ‘success library’ in their office.

All new sales people as part of their development are given one book a month to read.

These are in subjects as diverse as; mindset strategies, communication, sales skills, productivity, marketing and the economy. Imagine what a great start these guys and girls are exposed to.

In our programmes I spend a significant amount of time helping people to develop their success mindset because it’s invaluable. There is a well-known advanced thinking pattern that shares the principle of cause and effect. In other words we can choose our response to what happens in life.


Encourage a success mindset

Here is something to consider.

Fact: Successful people aren’t always the brightest or from the best background are they? So something else must be at play.

Carol Dweck the bestselling author and Psychology Professor at Stanford has been studying the role of mindset and performance for the last several decades including how developing a growth mindset can help companies thrive and consequently profit.




Quote from

To explore company mindsets, Carol and her researchers asked a diverse sample of employees at seven Fortune 1000 companies about the extent to which they agreed with various statements—for example, “When it comes to being successful, this company seems to believe that people have a certain amount of talent, and they really can’t do much to change it.”

High levels of agreement suggested that the organization had a predominantly fixed mindset; low levels suggested a growth mindset. The researchers then conducted surveys to try to understand how the prevailing organizational mindset influenced workers’ satisfaction, perceptions of the organizational culture, levels of collaboration, innovation, and ethical behavior, and how it affected supervisors’ views of employees.


“In broad strokes, we learned that in each company, there was a real consensus about the mindset,” Dweck says. “We also learned that a whole constellation of characteristics went with each mindset.” For instance, employees at companies with a fixed mindset often said that just a small handful of “star” workers were highly valued. The employees who reported this were less committed than employees at growth-mindset companies and didn’t think the company had their back. They worried about failing and so pursued fewer innovative projects. They regularly kept secrets, cut corners, and cheated to try to get ahead.

Fascinating data that demonstrates the value of encouraging a growth mindset in your organisation and especially your sales team; their results and yours could literally explode.




Teach and demonstrate extreme customer service

Bad service is a nightmare. Who hasn’t hit the roof when something goes missing or we get stuck with a ‘jobs worth’ on the phone. It’s the same if we are buying a toy for our child on Amazon or we are dealing with our Web Designer who never answers our calls.

Imagine having a team of sales people who get glowing recommendations from clients; do you think these customers would spread the word about your building company that had amazing customer service? #yes.

If this forms part of your training from day one this will be in their ‘muscle’ and the results from keeping in contact will build over time. A classic case of compounding to build massive results.

These three strategies might sound simple and they are. They work at a foundational level to produce the results from your sales team I suspect you are looking for.


Best regards