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Is 2017 The Year To Become A Recruiter?

It’s that time of year again where many people consider the need for a career change and start weighing up their options. A recruitment career has some powerful advantages for launching in a new direction, and promises a fast-track opportunity with excellent compensation for those who excel, as well as a valuable sense of personal fulfilment.

Let’s take a look at why recruitment is an excellent career choice for many—whether you’re straight out of education or considering a change of vocation.




1. You impact people’s lives in a measurable way. Successful recruiters truly enjoy helping others to find their dream jobs, and clients value your ability to solve their recruitment problems by supplying the perfect candidate to take their business to new heights. A recruitment career is a powerful force for change in others’ lives.

2. No two days are the same. Recruitment might have you on the phone troubleshooting a placement one minute, and pitching in a city boardroom the next. Your days will be full of difference and challenge- from chatting to candidates at a trade show to building your talent database and reaching out to passive candidates for a coffee. You’ll meet loads of people from all walks of life, from candidates to clients to CEO’s, and all will build your knowledge – of your industry, of human motivation, and of yourself. Recruitment is exciting!

3. You influence outcomes in your industry. Success in recruitment is not quite as simple as collecting top-quality CVs and sending them through to the client. Particularly if you’re operating in a candidate-poor sector, you’ll need to approach passive candidates, map new talent, and convince reluctant candidates to interview for companies where you recognise they’re a good fit (even if the candidate doesn’t see it yet).



You’ll also sometimes have to be able to see talents in people that they haven’t properly detailed in their CV and persuade your clients to interview candidates who don’t necessarily fill all their ‘essential’ criteria. Your powers of analysis and persuasion will develop over time in this job, and you’ll soon become a force to be reckoned with in shaping outcomes for everyone’s benefit.

4. You know where you stand, and there’s huge potential for improvement. Recruitment success is measurable against clear targets, so you always know if you’re excelling or falling behind the pack. If you’re not hitting sales targets, there are plenty of resources available to teach you what you need to succeed—whether that’s how to pitch better, how to close sales, or how to attract top-quality candidates. ‘Every day is a school day’ in recruitment, so for those who like a challenge, there is no better industry in which to develop your skills.

5. You can advance rapidly and earn great money. It’s true, those who give it their all truly love it, and enjoy tremendous rewards. Promotion for top-quality recruiters is rapid, and you really can write your own pay check when you start billing clients. The sky is the limit.




As a recruiter, you are an agent of change that can transform businesses, candidate’s lives, and people’s perceptions. It’s an exciting, varied, and important job, and if you work hard and learn everything you can about your new industry, you can shoot up that career ladder (and pay scale) with a speed that your friends in other roles will envy. Even better, you’ll have a job that gives you purpose and a real sense of satisfaction at the end of the day. In your new role as a recruiter, 2017 really might be your year.


Best regards,