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5 Ways Being Confident Will Boost Your Career

Having the right qualifications, skillset and relevant experience are all important attributes in driving your career forward. But there is one factor that many people overlook that is crucial to success and that is confidence.

As experienced recruiters in the construction sector time and time again we see the confident not arrogant candidates get the best roles.

Here are five ways that we have experienced first-hand it works in practice.


Confidence helps you come across better in interviews

Hiring managers are often faced with CVs that are almost ‘look alike’, with candidates sharing similar backgrounds in terms of education and work-history. The interview stage is the chance for candidates to express not just why they are the most suitable applicant, but why they are different, and there is no better way of marking yourself out as the distinctive candidate, that’s a cut above the rest than by exuding confidence. You’ll create a good impression and you will certainly be remembered by your interviewer.



Confidence helps you aim higher in your career

Before you even get round to applying for a new role, it’s important that you do your research and focus on applying for the right roles. A less confident candidate will search rather conservatively and will look at job specs for things they know they can do.

A confident job seeker looks at job specs in terms of what they can do and then focus upon how they can learn or improve the aspects of the job role that might be new to them. This positive mental attitude means that confident individuals tend to apply for roles that will stretch them and over time this results in them travelling further up the career ladder than their less confident colleagues.


People are naturally drawn to confident, charismatic individuals

If you’re in a room full of strangers, who are you more likely to talk to? The person in the corner not making eye contact with defensive body language? Or the person who is calm, relaxed, smiling and confident? People are naturally drawn to confident and charismatic people and if you can come across this way, then you’ll find your career will take a definite turn for the better.



Confidence makes you decisive

The success of your career doesn’t just come down to your skills, abilities and experience. It also comes down to the decisions you make. Candidates who have been offered a new role at another company are often subjected to a counteroffer by their current employer. Unconfident candidates tend to dwell on the negatives of moving companies at this point, and lose faith in their own abilities. They opt for the safety of remaining in their current role and this is almost always disastrous for their career. The confident candidate has faith in themselves and has the belief that they can overcome obstacles and takes on their new role with relish, moving their career to the next level.


Even being overly confident can have its benefits

Sometimes being over confident can have its benefits. In a study by The University of California and The University of Edinburgh, they looked at the situation of two people battling over a particular resource that they both wanted (a situation that comes up in the workplace on a daily basis). Their studies found that the individuals who were overtly confident were overwhelmingly more successful in securing it.



“As long as there is some uncertainty about the outcome and the resource is valuable compared to the costs incurred in fighting for it, then overconfidence is the best strategy.” Dominic Johnson, University of Edinburgh.

If your career could do with a boost, start being confident. Even if you are not a naturally charismatic and confident individual, then simply appear as one. It’s not confidence itself that is key, but appearing confident. Do that well, and no one will notice and your career will reap the benefits.

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